4 tricks and tips to make more money on chaturbate

The #1 question many aspiring cam girls ask is how much money can they make as a Chaturbate webcam model. We were curious about this as well, so we conducted an informal audit on a typical friday evening to see just how much money a performer can make in a 60 minute cam session.  The results were surprising. According to our results, most models, including female solo performers, girl-girl performers and male-female performers earned between $37 to $100 per hour. Not a bad income when compared to other professions in the entertainment industry . One model earned an astonishing $190 in a single hour. It was also interesting to note that performers who appeared as a couple did not generally earn more than solo models. This finding surprised us. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LO48E_6MGk
One thing is for sure – men who love to watch girls perform on Chaturbate are not shy about parting with their hard earned dollars.
These results prompted additional queries. What are the factors that make some performers more successful than others? Are earnings based on looks? Do couples earn more than singles? Our observations led to some surprising conclusions. Read on to find out more.  In a previous blog post, Creative Chaturbate Sex Show Ideas, we outlined a series of best practices that are a prerequisite to maximizing your webcam modelling earnings. These best practices included:
  • Using a high quality webcam with built-in H.264 hardware compression
  • Use of modern computer with mid to high level specifications
  • Ensuring that you have quality high speed internet with a decent upload speed
  • Invest in diffused lighting equipment to achieve optimal lighting for your video feed
All of the top models we observed seemed to be following these guidelines, especially with respect to camera quality, connection speed and lighting. And yet, some webcam models earned considerably more than others despite not being the prettiest girl on the page one listings. So we dug a little deeper and found some surprising strategies that separated average earners from high end earners.

4 habits of top rated Chaturbate webcam models

1) The interact with their viewers – a lot
We watched one really beautiful Chaturbate model who passively masturbated with a vibrator with minimal interaction with her viewers. Despite having over 2000 viewers, very few tipped, and those who did parted with relatively few tokens. She earned close to $65 in one hour. Not a bad payday, but she should have earned lots more. The second model we watched was very average looking and had 1500 viewers. This girl was a superstar. She spent her entire hour with a wide smile on her face, and never stopped interacting with her viewers. You could tell she was a true exhibitionist who was very aroused knowing hundreds of men were watching her. She took some time to gauge what her viewers wanted to see and catered to their requests. She earned a stunning $190 in a single hour. Conclusion:
A bright and cheerful personality sells. Viewers tip more when you actively interact with them and perform with a warm and friendly smile.
2) They use top notch moderators
Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to perform and keep tabs on all your viewers at the same time. There will always be abusive jerks in your room, and your goals need to be regularly displayed and updated while you perform. Most importantly, viewers need to be reminded to make use of your Follow button (more on that later) and to view your profile page to browse any pictures or videos you are selling. Every top earner we watched had an experienced moderator managing the room who acted as the point man for product upsells.
An experienced moderator will help you keep your room in check and increase your follower count. But most importantly, your moderator will encourage users to tip towards your next goal and direct viewers to your profile page where they can purchase any offline products you are selling.
3) They know the importance of growing their follower base
Top earning performers generally make it to the top of the page one Chaturbate listings by leveraging a very important asset – their followers. When a user follows a Chaturbate model, they receive an automatic email notification whenever a model comes online to perform. But there’s much more to it than that. In time followers become fans and develop a special affinity for their favorite performers. And it’s that affinity that turns into tips. The top earners know this, and remind their viewers about every five minutes or so to hit her follow button. They also ensure that their moderators also encourage viewers to follow them.
Top earners always get displayed at the top of the page one listings on Chaturbate because they have accumulated many followers who receive an email notification when they come online to perform. They also understand that followers turn into fans, and fans turn into to their best tippers.
4) They are expect marketers who know how to leverage their offline wares
One of the reasons why Chaturbate is so highly regarded by webcam models is because of their performer friendly features. One of these features is the ability to sell both videos and picture sets, as well as other assets – with the caveat that any transaction must be paid for with tokens. Our $190 an hour earner offered to add viewers to her SnapChat account for 500 tokens. Five viewers bought into this offer when it was raised by her moderator. Conclusion:
Top earners realize that a significant amount of income will be generated by selling digital goods from their profile page. They put the time and effort into not only finding original products to sell (pictures, videos, social networking access, erotic audio stories, sexy wake up calls, etc) but also in ensuring that their profile page is visually appealing. They also understand that they must partner with a seasoned moderator to drive traffic to their profile page.
So there you have it. Four key ingredients that can double how much money you earn on Chaturbate. As with most things in life, the devil is always in the details. Want to learn how you can become a Chaturbate model? Visit the Chaturbate model signup page to learn more about what this great service offers to aspiring webcam models.